Teddy Sears Dishes The Flash Season 2 & Jay Garrick on KTLA

The second season of The Flash promises to bring fans the type of Silver Age multiple earth shenanigans that we have always wanted to see. Teddy Sears has been cast as Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth-2, in the much needed role of speedster mentor. With the death of Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells, leaving the role of mentor (slash big bad, to be filled by Zoom) empty after the exciting conclusion of season 1, Sears appears to be a highly important part of the unfolding season.

Teddy Sears sat down with KTLA, on Friday, to bring viewers up to speed on The Original Golden Age Scarlet Speedster and his role in the returning series. Teddy revealed that the Jay Garrick we have seen in the trailer for this week’s upcoming episode, “Flash of Two Worlds,” needs Barry’s help to regain his Speed Force powers, which have been stolen by Zoom. Bemoaning his lack of cool influences, Sears references his love for the original run of TMNT, Wolverine, and Archie. Don’t worry Teddy, you’re cool in my book.

You can head over to KTLA to watch the full inteview, as well a clip from next week’s episode.


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