Nicolas Cage To Voice Superman In ‘Teen Titans GO! To The Movies’

Superman Lives Nicolas CageNicolas Cage is playing Superman again. We say ‘again’ because the actor was tapped to play the iconic DC Comics character in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, the 1998 film that never was. The actor went through a full costume test and fitting and the movie was heavily in pre-production before the plug was pulled and for the last twenty years fans have been wondering: what if Nicolas Cage, a self-confessed comic book fan, played the world’s greatest superhero?

While our best look at Superman Lives was in Jon Schnepp’s eye-opening documentary, ‘The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened, we never did get to see what Cage’s screen presence as Superman would have been like, or even what his voice would have been like. But now fans will finally get a glimpse of Cage’s take on Superman, as the actor is set to voice the Man Of Steel in the upcoming Teen Titans Go! To The Movies animated film. The film, which is based on the Teen Titans GO! animated series, just recently cast Halsey as Wonder Woman and Lil Yachty as Green Lantern.

The show has a history of employing tongue-in-cheek humor that references events outside the world it is set in, famously referencing its predecessor, Teen Titans, which aired for five seasons on Cartoon Network and was much darker. Through the casting of Cage as Superman, his most famous role that never was, one can’t help but wonder if the producers are referencing his history with the character on Superman Lives, or whether he was just the perfect person for the job.

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Source: USA Today

The 10 Most Powerful Members Of The Teen Titans, Ranked

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Teen Titans DC ComicsThe Teen Titans have transformed over the years as new members join and old members leave the team. No matter who’s on the team, their mission stays the same: help as many people as possible. These heroes are all extremely capable fighters, but they all still have a lot to learn. Not only is getting out there and fighting giving them more experience, but learning alongside other heroes from different backgrounds helps the Titans learn lessons and consider things from angles they may not have considered before.

Now that the Teen Titans are getting their own TV show, various members of the team are being talked about and considered for the silver screen. While some characters may be more suited to television than others, there’s no denying the fact that some Teen Titans are just more powerful than their teammates.

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