‘The Flash’ 3.05 ‘Monster’ Easter Eggs

Warning: This articles contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of The Flash, ‘Monster’. If you have not seen the episode yet, we highly advise you watch it fully before continuing on.

Tonight’s episode of The Flash took a little bit of a detour from the established story-arc of the season for three reasons: to move Barry and Julian’s relationship forward, to give us a better look at the newest Harrison Wells, and to show Caitlin slowly turning into Killer Frost. With that being said, the episode did not really have any shout outs to the DC universe as the villain was a generic monster hologram and the story was used more for character development than overall story-arc development.

While last week’s episode featuring Mirror Master and the Top was littered with nods to DC fans, tonight’s episode did not have nearly as many. Tonight’s easter eggs were mostly shout outs to pop culture in general, and not so much having to do with DC or the Flash mythos. A lot of the fun of The Flash comes with the fact the show is very self-aware and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s not afraid to have fun with nerd culture in general and characters like Cisco are a testament to that approach.

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Josh Behr

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