‘The Flash’: Candice Patton On “Great Stuff” For Iris, The Crossover & WestAllen


The Flash is back tomorrow night. At the 100th episode party for Arrow, Candice Patton got a chance to discuss what’s coming up for Iris West and what’s in store for her in the upcoming four-show crossover with SupergirlArrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Things have generally been good for Iris so far this season. She’s finally getting more focus, the writers are inputting more of her journalism (slowly, but surely), and she’s got a solid relationship with the West family.

“They are writing some great stuff for Iris this season which makes me really excited. She has stuff to do, which gives me stuff to do. It’s funny how that works!”

Things are also going well in the love department with Barry as they further settle into their romantic relationship.

“It’s so cute. And there is so much more of that, the evolution of Barry and Iris trying to have this relationship … We’re going to see them try to make their own life together this season.”

But will there be signs of trouble up ahead? Some, but Patton assures that, rather than have it be contrived drama, it will instead be tied in with a villain.

“Like any great love story—especially on a comic-book show—there has to be something to disturb that, so there is a good villain that is going to try that this season.”

Could that villain be Savitar, who will be introduced in the show’s midseason finale? Regardless, Barry and Iris have long withstood many things and have proven that their relationship is generally a healthy, happy one, so I fear for the villain in this case.

As for the four-show crossover, what is there to expect? Will Iris crossover to any of the other shows? Sadly, no, but Patton does promise that Iris is “very much involved in The Flash portion of the crossover. Iris does get to meet Supergirl and I got to work with Caity Lotz and the whole gang from Legends… It’s really cool!”

The Flash will air a new episode, “Shade”, tomorrow at 8/7c on The CW. The superhero crossover begins on November 28 with Supergirl.

Source: TV Insider

Mae Abdulbaki

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