‘The Flash’: ‘Invasion!’ Review

the-flash-308-reviewThe Flash fans have been waiting for the ultimate crossover and this week the wait finally ended as the “Invasion!” event started in Central City tonight. The episode opens up with Team Flash discussing how to handle the situation with Wally’s new speed. As a satellite is picking up a meteor coming towards Central City, Barry runs over to investigate, but discovers that it’s something completely different: it’s a spaceship.

As Barry tries to get closer to it, the ship opens up and a swarm of creatures emerges out of it. Barry gets in touch with Lyla Diggle who reveals to Team Flash that these aliens are known as the Dominators and have been following these creatures since the 50’s. Barry realizes that he will need major backup and therefore summons both Team Arrow and Legends. In addition, he and Cisco goes over to Earth-38 to recruit Kara Zor-El a.k.a. Supergirl.

While the team gets to know Kara better, Jax and Stein have a conversation with Barry and Oliver who both hear the full message from Future Barry. In the message, we learn about Future Barry’s warning where he explains that he caused Flashpoint and that no one should trust anyone, including Barry. While Barry planned to reveal it to everyone after the Dominators threat was taken care of, Cisco unfortunately discovers it and calls Barry out on it.

As Barry is forced to tell everyone about Flashpoint and the changes that have occurred, including Diggle no longer having a daughter, this causes a split-up in the team. Oliver however backs Barry up and tells him that if Oliver had been in the same position as Barry, he would have done the same thing. Several of the heroes encounter a group of Dominators who brain-washes them and have them fight Barry and Oliver.

While Barry manages to kill the signal that has the heroes under the Dominators’ control, by tricking Supergirl to fly right into the devices, however the Dominators have a backup plan. They kidnap Ray, Thea, Sara, Diggle, and Oliver, before the episode cuts to “To Be Continued On Arrow”. There is so much we want to discuss in tonight’s episode and there is a lot to breakdown. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash season three episode: “Invasion!”

#5: Enter The Dominators

#4: Supergirl Meets The Arrowverse

#3: All The [Flashpoint] Cards On The Table

#2: Green Arrow & The Flash Vs CW Heroes

#1: Setup For Arrow’s 100th Episode

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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