‘The Flash’: Keiynan Lonsdale On Wally’s Need For Speed & Dealing With Alchemy


Is Kid Flash on the way?

On tomorrow night’s episode of The Flash, Wally’s story is taking front and center. Remember those dreams he said he was having about having powers? Well, those dreams may very well turn into reality.

Wally West, since his introduction, has always had a need for speed. So, of course he was disappointed when he found out a few episodes ago that Jesse got speed powers and he didn’t. After all, they were hit by the same dark matter last season.

So what’s in store for Wally? Will big bad Doctor Alchemy try and turn him to the dark side? Will Wally fully gain his powers and join Barry on the streets of Central City?

Wally himself, actor Keiynan Lonsdale, weighs in:

“He has already been having these feelings of him being a speedster, assuming that’s in his future. So when you put these visions and dreams on top of that, it’s an extra validation that he’s right. But it can be quite a challenge in his own head.”

However, when he reveals to his family that he’s been having these visions, they’re understandably concerned.

“Everyone’s conflicted. They know that Alchemy isn’t a good guy, so I don’t think anyone wants Wally near him. People become dangerous after Alchemy gets his hands on them, so [the initial response is], ‘OK, we need to not let that happen.’”

Wally, on the other hand, isn’t as completely scared of it if it means he gets his powers. Although he may become possessed by Alchemy before getting them, which could make for some great, and brief, drama.

“The idea of being a speedster doesn’t scare him at all. It’s perfect for him. Though these visions get pretty nasty at one point, and that definitely troubles him in a sense.”

All of this information is exciting. It could mean we’ll see a hint of evil Wally (which won’t last), but there’s no doubt that his family will come to his aid and do everything in their power to help the youngest West. This could also mean that after this episode, Wally could have his powers full time.

The Flash’s sixth episode, “Shade”, airs Tuesday, November 15 at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: TVLine

Mae Abdulbaki

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