‘The Flash’: ‘Killer Frost’ Review

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the-flash-307-imagesThe Flash ended on a big cliffhanger last week as Savitar, the God of Speed, made his debut and confronted Barry as he and the team was trying to take down Doctor Alchemy. The episode picks up right where they left off as Barry and Savitar have a speedster fight, but Savitar, being the God he is, almost ends Barry.

Caitlin is forced to get out there and help Barry stop Savitar temporarily before he escapes. While Caitlin may have helped Barry, her mother’s warning is once upon reminded as the ice within her begins to take her over. As things begin to get colder and messier for her, she tries to seek Alchemy down and get him to take her powers away before it’s too late.

But because her cold side is in control, she begins to cross lines, including against her friends. At one point, she gets Julian hurt after kidnapping him and forcing him to help her find Alchemy or Savitar. As Caitlin begin to go all Killer Frost on everyone, she reveals to the team what their lives were like before Barry caused Flashpoint, which causes friction between Cisco and Barry.

Team Flash tries to figure out what the situation with Wally is as he is still inside the cocoon after he touched the Philosopher Stone last week. Eventually, Joe decides to take care of the situation as he forces the cocoon to open and the result is surprising. Barry tries to get Julian to not give Caitlin up as he stresses that she needs help. He agrees to keep the secret, but on one extreme condition.

With the big focus that both Savitar and Doctor Alchemy had in this episode, “Killer Frost” concludes with one major post-credit scene as it answers several questions and brings up new ones. Given everything that happened in tonight’s episode, there is a lot we want to break down and discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash season three episode: “Killer Frost”

#5: Wally West Becomes A Speedster

#4: Winter Arrives As Killer Frost Rises

#3: Flashpoint Consequences

#2: Barry Makes A Major Sacrifice

#1: Doctor Alchemy & Savitar Ending

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Monty

    Give Kevin Smith all of the emotional episodes from now on. Iris’ pep talk to Barry was completely moving. And the nod at the end to the lightning and the skylight was heartbreaking. I seriously think this episode had more information told than any other so far without feeling overwhelming. And jeeze the acting was so above par. If Joe ever dies…. I truly hope that never happens, but if it does and Smith directs it I’m going to be crying in bed for a week. And oh man the punch to Julian was hilarious.

  • Darthmanwe

    Acting, dialogue delivery, direction and overall production quality of the episode was superb. Kev delivers greatness again….

    However, the script felt a little…. off.