‘The Flash’: ‘Monster’ Review

the-flash-305-reviewThe Flash has been exploring a lot of the changes to some of our characters due to the Flashpoint event, including one Dr. Caitlin Snow who in this reality is now a meta-human with ice-powers, just like her Earth-2 counter-part. After seeing how her powers are growing in last week’s episode, Caitlin decides to reach out to her mother who is a scientist. However, the mother-daughter dynamic turns out to be one incredibly complicated relationship as Carla’s way of handling Caitlin brings out serious tension.

While Caitlin is dealing with family drama, Barry has to face a gigantic monster as his literal monster-of-the-week that tried to destroy Central City. Meanwhile, after his arrival last week, the team gets to know Earth-19 Harrison Wells a bit better. But they grow suspicious of him and try to figure out if he, like “Harrison Wells” in Season 1, may be up to some bad business.

“Monster” was an incredibly packed hour for the show this week as a lot went down in tonight’s episode which we want to breakdown. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash season three episode: “Monster”

#5: Enter Dr. Carla Tannhauser – Caitlin’s Mother

#4: Complicated Mother-Daughter Relationship

#3: The New Harrison Wells (Earth-19)

#2: Barry Vs The Gigantic Monster

#1: The Fall (Or Rise?) Of Caitlin Snow

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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