‘The Flash’: ‘Shade’ Review

the-flash-306-reviewThe Flash has focused a lot this season so far on Wally West trying to get his speed and become a speeding hero. In this week’s episode, “Shade”, Wally begins to having dream of his time as Kid Flash in the Flashpoint Universe.

As he suffers from the effects, Barry finally decides to tell Wally and the whole gang what happened to Kid Flash in the other timeline. With Wally finding out what happened, Joe tries to convince him to not pursue trying to get his speed, until eventually accepting his son’s wish and trying to help out. However, Alchemy is trying to reach Wally mentally and tempting him with his former life.

Caitlin reveals to Cisco that she has ice powers and admits her fear that she is turning into Killer Frost, the way her Earth-2 counterpart became a villain. She asks him to vibe her future and see if things go bad, which it does as Cisco sees him, as Vibe fighting Killer Frost. Cisco decides to reveal to the team her secret as secrets just hurt the team.

As the team decides to go after Alchemy and stop him once and for all, things go really south as Alchemy is one step ahead. The Doctor reveals another ally of his as the episode ends on more than one big cliffhanger.

Given everything that happened in tonight’s episode, there is a lot we want to break down and discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash season three episode: “Shade”

#5: Flash Villain Shade Introduced

#4: Caitlin Reveals Her Secret

#3: Wally Hunts For Speed

#2: H.R. [Really] Tries To Help

#1: Cliffhangers & Debut Of A New Villain


Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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