‘The Flash’: ‘Shade’ Review

the-flash-30611#4 – Caitlin Reveals Her Secret

Knowing that next week’s episode is going to be incredibly huge for her, it wasn’t a shock that Caitlin’s secret came out at last in tonight’s episode. I wasn’t expecting Cisco to out her like that which was a big parallel to last season when Harry Wells outed him in Season 2 as a meta-human, when he was hiding it. While I get Caitlin’s anger, I think Cisco did the right thing as he says the thing that I think all viewers of all the DC CW shows would agree on: secrets just hurts the team dynamics. His vision of seeing their future battle was a nerdout moment, while it also broke my heart a bit because these two are so tight, that I don’t want their friendship to be jeopardized. I loved just seeing a lot of Cisco and Caitlin scenes throughout this episode, no matter what they were up to.

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Axeman037

    Great site, dude – first time here. But, anyways . . . Thought it could have played a little different at the end there, like Alchemy (yes, okay, “Dr Alchemy”) was trying to hold back Savitar, rather than pulling him out of the hat as an ally when his party got busted up. Sorta felt more like a prophet holding back the doom best he could – maybe an ally for the team, down the track? Or perhaps it’s the tequila talking.