‘The Walking Dead’ EP Reveals Stomach-Churning Images Of Abraham

The Walking Dead is pretty well-known for its gruesome images and deaths. Executive producer Greg Nicotero wants to show exactly what that looks like up close and personal.

In a batch of new photos, Nicotero shares some really stomach-churning behind-the-scenes images of Michael Cudlitz’s character, Abraham, getting his makeup done before a scene. The picture has Cudlitz in a chair while the makeup team work to make it look like his head has been split open.

Test make up applied by Garett with hair work being styled by Kerrin Jackson #knbefx @cudlitz

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The second image Nicotero posted is even more gruesome. It’s a picture of a test dummy on the ground, head split completely open, brains completely gone, and pieces of skin spilling out. If you’re disgusted really easy, it’s best to avoid the photo below.

Pre-blood. Sorry Mikey! Dummy head sculpted and painted by Garrett Immel #knbefx @cudlitz

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These images are from The Walking Dead season seven premiere from last week. The pictures are not only disgusting, but they’re hard to look at for very long. The dummy in the second photo was created by the show’s special effects team and they did a fantastic job making it look real. It’s a sad send off to Abraham who, along with Glenn, both died last week on the show.

Cudlitz had this to say about his character’s death:

“I said this earlier. I do think that Abraham did definitely stand up and literally with a ‘fuck you, take me.’ That’s him sacrificing himself for the group to protect Sasha, because he feels like that is what needs to be done. He would give his life to protect anyone in this group obviously.”

The second episode of The Walking Dead, titled “The Well”, airs tonight at 9/8c on AMC.

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