‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”

Walking Dead Rick2
Last week on the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead, Sasha survived her onslaught on The Sanctuary, only to them be charmed by Negan into joining The Saviors. Rick and company kindly robbed Oceanside of their weapons in preparation for war with Negan and The Saviors. Over at the Hilltop, Gregory once again proved to be his usual cowardly self. The episode ended with Dwight seeming turn coating to join Rick and the Alexandrians.

This week was all about the confrontation between The Saviors and our heroes. Most of the story focused on Sasha and she was recruited by Negan to enact his plan of least resistance, even though he still is going to kill at least one person. Sasha, spending much of the episode in her own “black box” relied on flashbacks of her time with both Abraham (good to see Michael Cudlitz back after his departure) and Maggie.

The showdown has its share of ups and downs, but BOY did it get interesting! It seemed to be slow at first, but once it started, it was just as intense as the season premiere and there was most certainly people pacing back and forth watching tonight’s show as it definitely paid off! Everyone had a chance to shine in tonight’s episode as we are officially entering the “All Out War” arc from the comic.

In the aftermath, everyone regrouped and licked their wounds as we prepare for what comes next. The three communities are officially united as they prepare to take the fight to Negan, and he’s more than ready for what comes next!

Here are a few of the top moments of the episode. Click Next to continue (Spoilers obviously) …


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