5 Things The ‘Batgirl’ Movie Needs To Get Right

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Batgirl Barbara Gordon DC ComicsDC has been on a roll recently with reports concerning future spin-off films. Some of these reported projects are just speculative, but a Batgirl movie from director Joss Whedon is something that’s already been officially confirmed to be happening. With Whedon heading the film, there is a lot of excitement in the air, but this is a challenging project to tackle and do right. Batgirl is much beloved, and outside of animation and some comics, the character has not been given the time to lead a feature film.

Making Batgirl the lead of a movie may sound like a challenging concept, but it can definitely work. There are things that the film can do that can be new and original, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Warner Bros. and DC have to find a way to make sure that aspects and creative decisions made on the film reflect the character in a positive way. If everything’s done right, Batgirl could make for a truly great superhero film.

Here are 5 things the Batgirl movie needs to get right. Click Next to Continue.

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Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Debbie Gardiner

    With the movie being based on Gail Simone’s Post Oracle New 52 series which features an older and wiser Barbara Gordon taking on the role of Batgirl again after spending years in a wheelchair as Oracle due to the events of the Killing Joke what this movie needs is more of Gail and they should let Gail write the movie. Aside from that you bring up an interesting point about not having Batgirl as a “male ideology of what a woman is” which is why this movie needs to avoid at all cost repeating the same mistake the ‘Supergirl’ TV show and ‘Birds of Prey’ TV shows made and have Batgirl as Batgirl and not a female version of Batman. The Supergirl TV show is nothing like the majority of Supergirl comic books with Kara and Linda and both characters were edgy and aggressive and Kara was pissed off over her home planet being destroyed and less trusting of humans and more Kryptonian than Clark ’cause of all the additional years she spent on Krypton but the TV show is basically a Superman show with a female lead and the lead character is just like Clark Kent and nothing like Kara Zor-El or Linda Danvers.

    Batgirl would do well to avoid those mistakes and Joss should use Batgirl villains like Knightfall (who is the main villain of the series this is being based on) and her gang, the Disgraced, Bonebreaker, Jim Gordon Jr, Strix (who starts out as a villain and then she becomes good and joins the Birds of Prey), Shauna Belzer, Grotesque, Mirror, Gretel etc. Knightfall is an awesome villain and one of DC’s best female villains of all time. It is about time we get a female superhero movie with a female villain.

    • amin2302

      agree 100%. And I hope that SG Season 3 has a change in tone looking at the promo it could be.

  • Jonathan Eyler-Werve

    > Making Batgirl the lead of a movie may sound like a challenging concept…

    What? Why? I mean, other than sexism.

  • Step one: fire Joss Whedon. Step two: hire a female director.