10 Things We Need To See In A ‘LEGO Batman’ Sequel

More LEGO Batman Villains

Lego Batman Villains

Yes, while we did get our fair share of great DC Comics villains in the first LEGO Batman movie. Many of them were widely known and have had cinematic appearances before. One thing the sequel needs to make use of is Batman villains who have yet to appear onscreen in any way and deserve, at the least, as big a role as characters such as Scarecrow and Bane in The LEGO Batman Movie.

I’m talking about much-loved villains such as Hush and Black Mask Another easy villain to include in the narrative could be Carmine Falcone — imagine something along the lines of the Batman Begins conversation between Bruce and Falcone, but with LEGO Batman in Bruce’s place. It could result in something truly hilarious.