5 Things We Want To See From Superman When He Returns In…

5. Strength

Strength Superman Return

One of the things that Superman is known for is his strength. He is arguably one of the strongest superheroes of all time and his power has been proven to be almost God-like so far in the DCEU films. He’s shown his strength, but also his weaknesses. I would like his return to highlight the extreme powers that he has. When he’s finally back from the dead it would be great to see him ready to fight with everything he has.

The last half of Justice League will hopefully be filled with action from all of the heroes, but Superman’s on-screen fights have always been fast and entertaining, which is something I know fans want to see. The hesitance of showing Superman in much of the marketing material for the film is leading to a growing excitement amongst fans who love Kal-El and want to see him fight alongside the rest of the Justice League. The people behind the movie are going to have to deliver on all fronts to not disappoint them.

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