What’s Next For Thor In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

King Thor

King Thor

At the end of Ragnarok, Thor has become the new King of Asgard. In the first Thor movie, it was a a role that he desperately wanted. By the end, Thor realized he was not ready. He then once again dodged the responsibility to go to Earth and be reunited with Jane Foster and The Avengers. He did not want to be king anymore as he wanted to be carefree and without that responsibility.

Now in control of his people, this will no doubt help mellow out Thor. He can no longer be so carefree as he has an entire race of people to look after. This will no doubt affect his relationship with two other Avengers — Captain America and Iron Man. It has been hinted that Thor highly respects Captain America and defers to his leadership. It has also been implied that Thor is contemptuous of Iron Man. The new King of Asgard might not be so willing to defer to Cap or have patience for Iron Man.

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