‘Thor: Ragnarok’ & ‘Aquaman’ Contribute To $1 Billion Production Spend In Australia

Thor AquamanThe Hollywood Reporter notes that Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and Warner Bros. Aquaman contributed to a record investment of $1 billion in Australia’s domestic film industry.

Foreign projects including the third Thor film and the upcoming Aquaman standalone feature collectively spent a total of $468 million on production in Australia in the 2017 financial year – which ended in June – according to the Screen Australia’s Drama Report. Foreign feature films including Pacific Rim Uprising and post digital and visual effects work on Spider-Man: Homecoming contributed to a $435 million investment in Australian production, the highest levels to date. TV dramas including HBO’s The Leftovers also added to the tally with the fiscal 2016 spending of $191 million having been effectively doubled.

Local film and television projects outspent foreign productions with $512 million spent on Australian projects during the previous financial year. In total, 151 productions contributed to a $1 billion investment, up from the previous fiscal year’s total of $652 million from 120 productions.

Graeme Mason, CEO of Screen Australia, made the following statement:

“Crossing the $1 billion expenditure threshold is an incredible milestone for the Australian screen industry and has not happened by accident. There is a whole ecosystem of support measures that keep our industry firing, including direct government funding, tax incentives and Australian content quotas. We know television is becoming more expensive to make, but the demand for that content both locally and abroad is clearly increasing when you have shows like Picnic at Hanging Rock securing U.S. sales before production had even wrapped.”

Thor: Ragnarok will be released in theaters on November 3, 2017.

Aquaman is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on December 21, 2018.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

6 Elseworlds Movies That DC Should Make For The Big Screen

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DC ElseworldsOccasionally, there are times when comic book authors toss comic book continuity aside and straight-up create an alternate universe to tell brand new stories that bend the rules of the characters and radically change their settings as a side effect. DC calls these stories “Elseworlds,” and from the sound of things, DC is coming up with a plan to introduce that concept into their movie division with the standalone Joker movie set outside of the DC Extended Universe. The project, which has yet to be formally announced by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, is set in the 1980s and is styled after movies like Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (fitting, considering that Scorsese is producing the project). It should be noted that the DCEU is still in active development on a Joker & Harley Quinn project, featuring Jared Leto and Margot Robbie reprising their roles from Suicide Squad, following that movie’s unexpected cliffhanger.

Whether or not having a mix of creator-driven and shared-universe-driven narratives get developed at the same time will work, or whether audiences will be confused by it, remains to be seen. It certainly has worked for DC’s animated movies (as evident by most movies being their own thing while some — like Justice League: War and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract — share the same setting), but in an age of cinematic universes, this might be harder to pull off. The DC Elseworlds Multiverse, as we’ll call it for the sake of this article, has a lot of source material it could draw upon to tell one-off stories. While the DCEU will continue tell one big story about the return of the so-called Age of Heroes, the DCEM should be able to take advantage of the nature of self-contained stories and go completely nuts with them, embracing their radical departure from the source material and telling the kinds of stories we could never see in a shared universe.

Here are 6 stories that we think need to be brought to the big screen as part of Warner Bros. and DC’s Elseworlds-style universe. Click Next to get started.

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