5 Thor Stories That Should Be Used For Future Marvel Movies

5. Journey into Mystery (Young Loki)


Okay, so this one might technically not be a story about Thor, but it’s an amazing story steeped in Asgardian mythology. Kieron Gillen took the classic series and transformed it into a story about Loki after he is reborn in a teenage body. His personality is just as mischievous, but now he’s got all the angst of a teenager that makes for some great stories.

Loki stands as the sole character capable of stopping Odin’s armies from going to war with the mysterious Serpent. With Thor imprisoned by the all-father, and Loki’s reputation still pretty bad despite having a new body, he has to assemble a ragtag team and head to the underworld to stop the upcoming battle. An ancient prophecy says only Thor can save the day, so Loki is forced to constantly push himself above his doubt. This would be an interesting new take on the typically cocky character that opens him up to new emotional situations.

This seems like the perfect chance to segue the character away from Tom Hiddleston when he is done with the character. Don’t get me wrong, I love his take on Loki, but we all know he’s not gonna stick around forever.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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