‘The Tick’ Suits Up In Latest Set Photo

TickThe Tick’s official twitter account has posted an image of star Peter Serafinowicz suited up on set. You can check out the image and tweet below.

The Tick, which premiered its pilot episode last year on Amazon Prime, has gotten a series order and is currently filming its first season. The show is based on the comic book character from the 80’s who was a parody of comic-book superheroes. The character then launched an animated show on Fox in the 90’s, which led the obscure character to the mainstream limelight.

This is the second live-action adaptation of the character, after 2001’s The Tick which starred Patrick Warburton of Family Guy fame. While the original series received great reviews from fans and critics, the show was ultimately canceled after 9 episodes.

In 2016, Amazon announced their revival of the show with an order for a pilot. The debut episode did well enough that a full series order was later announced. The pilot currently stands at an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show certainly has some superhero cred behind the scenes as the pilot was directed by Wally Pfister. Pfister was the cinematographer of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, as well as Inception which won him an Oscar for Best Cinematography. He later directed Transcendence, which starred Johnny Depp and Rebbeca Hall.

In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an accountant with mental health issues and zero powers comes to realize his city is owned by a global super villain long-thought dead. As he struggles to uncover this conspiracy, he falls in league with a strange blue superhero.

The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz as the titular hero, Jackie Earle Haley, and Griffin Newman. The pilot is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The full season will launch sometime this year.

Source: The Tick (via Twitter)

Each Season Of The Marvel/Netflix Shows, Ranked

Just like their siblings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Netflix’s The Defenders-verse of streaming superheroes goes from two to three entries a year in 2017. First up is the first season of Iron Fist premiering on Netflix in less than two weeks, on March 17, the first six episodes of which are, I’m sorry to say, not very impressive. Fortunately, Marvel TV and Netflix have two more turns at the plate, with all their heroes joining for the highly-anticipated The Defenders team-up, expected this summer, and, in the fall or winter, with The Punisher spin-off starring Jon Bernthal.

Ahead of this wave of new stories, and just like we did with the MCU movies and Marvel movies overall, I thought it would worth taking a look at what’s worked and what hasn’t in each entry of the Netflix shows. Of course, the ranks are all opinion; I expect the first to be somewhat eyebrow-raising.

I decided to switch it up this time, start with the best this time and work my way down. Click Next to start!