Tom Holland Found Out He Got The Role Of Spider-Man On Instagram

Tom Holland

Tom Holland, our new Spider-Man, met with THR to discuss getting the role. He speaks about being a fan of the character since childhood, and how he found out he was finally cast as the hero. When asked whether he was a big fan of Spider-Man growing up, he had the following to say:

Huge. I reckon I had 30 Spiderman costumes over the years since I was a little baby. I had Spiderman bed sheets. Two years ago, I went to a fancy dress party dressed as Spiderman and looked like an absolute idiot. About a year afterwards, they announced they were recasting it, and I rang up my agents and was like, “Please, please get me an audition.” And they said they’ve actually requested for you to do a self-tape.

And on that self-tape, he included what many can find on his Instagram, a lot of flips.

I was a gymnast when I was a kid, so I did a backflip, just to show Marvel that I could do that sort of stuff. I was like, “Hi, I’m Tom Holland.” Backflip. “I’m from London.” Side flip. “I’m five-foot-seven.” Front flip. I had a lot of fun making those tapes.

And it was also on Instagram where he finally found out he got the role.

I was in my bed scrolling through Instagram. It had been about a month since my audition. And Marvel just posted a photo saying go to our website and find out who the next Spider-Man is. I went on the Marvel website on my computer and there it was: The new Spider-Man is Tom Holland. I went ballistic, like absolutely nuts.

I know I’ve wished to be Spider-Man since I was a child as well, so it feels great knowing someone as dedicated as the fans was able to get the role. I loved him in Civil War, and look forward to his standalone movie this summer.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7th, 2017.

Source: THR

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