Tom Payne (Sorta) Confirms That Jesus Is Gay On ‘Walking Dead’


Fan favorite Paul “Jesus” Rovia (in the comics his last name is Monroe) joined The Walking Dead last season, and comic book got excited because of how awesome the character is. Jesus has implacable fighting skills and operates somewhat as Rick’s number two (a role Daryl currently has). One character trait in the comic books is that Jesus is also gay. Walking Dead creator/writer Robert Kirkman wrote the character so that his sexuality is no big deal. He’s a badass ninja, who just happens to be gay. With the introduction of Jesus on the TV show, some have wondered if his sexuality would change. After all, the show is famous for changing their characters up a bit. After all, Carroll is weak in the comic and committed suicide and is not the warrior she is on the show. Tyrese was meek on the show compared to his comic book counterpart as well. So are they going to change Jesus on the TV show? Actor Tom Payne recently spoke about Jesus’ sexuality when the subject came up.

“I think that would be amazing.”

He also reiterated Kirkman’s comments on the character.

“Yeah, who cares? He’s a badass and he happens to be gay.”

“I think that’s one of the strongest things about Robert [Kirkman] and how he writes the comic books. Why wouldn’t he be? And I see no reason why that would be different in the show.”

While he doesn’t flat out say yes or no, it looks like a very political answer confirming that TV Jesus will also be gay just like comic Jesus.

Source: Huffington Post

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