Tom Payne Weighs In On Rumors Of Carl’s Death On ‘Walking Dead’


Recently there have been rumors that actor Chandler Riggs, who plays young Carl might possibly be leaving The Walking Dead. The young actor has fulfilled his original contract for the show and recently announced that he was accepted to college. Not only is the college in another state from where they film the hit show, but his father recently commented on social media using the hashtag #freedom in regards to the announcement and his contract ending. This has led many to think that Carl’s days will be numbered on The Walking Dead.

Actor Tom Payne, who plays Hilltop resident and superninja Jesus was recently asked about his thoughts on the possibility of Carl leaving the show. Payne doesn’t think he’s going to die anytime soon.

”I think Carl is the future of the show. I mean, is the future of the comic books, I think. At the end of the day, I think Carl is the guy at the end on the last page, and I don’t know if they’ll go that way on the TV show, but I think it would be a logical place for them to go. Who knows?”

He has a point. In the comics, Carl is somewhat the central character of the series and even series creator Robert Kirkman is on record saying that Carl is one of his favorite characters and although he can see Rick eventually dying, he won’t kill Carl. Although the show is different that the comic book, it would be very strange if they took such a drastic change. But like Jesus says, “who knows?”

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 PM EST.

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