Director Roar Uthaug Talks Working With Alicia Vikander & Building Α New ‘Tomb Raider’

Tomb Raider Roar UthaugThe video game heroine Lara Croft makes her triumphant return to the big screen on March 16th when Tomb Raider hits theaters. Directed by Roar Uthaug, the Norwegian filmmaker behind The Wave and EscapeTomb Raider is a fresh introduction to the adventure-filled world for the general public.

Uthaug was first introduced to the series when the first game came out on PlayStation and said he “used to play it with friends in a basement back in Norway.” As a long-term fan, he considers it “an honor to make a brand new origin story for the big screen.”

Similar to how Lara Croft is constantly in the frame while players control her in the video games, Uthaug wanted the audience “to feel like they’re very much experiencing [the movie] through Lara.” His approach to the story was to make sure the audience could understand the world through the character and go with her on the journey similar to how they would in a video game.

“She’s in almost every scene and every shot in the movie, and being close to her with the camera and trying to get as much as possible in camera to rely as little as possible on C.G. was important to us. We wanted this kind of authentic, grounded take.”

Uthaug had nothing but praise for star Alicia Vikander. From her work with stuntmen learning archery and urban biking to her intense work out routine, Uthaug said “she was just kicking ass in this thing and really preparing on a level I’ve never seen before.”

Despite her hard work preparing for Tomb Raider, things weren’t so easy for Vikander on set. To get the right conditions for a shipwreck sequence, the crew filmed off the coast in Capetown around 11:00 PM. In those extreme situations, with cold water blasting on her from giant hoses, Vikander almost got hypothermia.

“The wind was howling and she was there in her tank top and all wet, and she was, yeah, that’s when she turned blue.”

While Uthaug insists his take on Tomb Raider is grittier than the Angelina Jolie films, he’s still a fan of the originals. Calling them a “great product of their time,” Uthaug considers Jolie’s take on the character to be “exactly right for those movies.”

Vikander’s take on the character, by comparison, is defined by struggle instead of sexuality. In Uthaug’s opinion, the film follows Croft as she “goes from the girl next door in East London working as a bike courier” to the character fans of the games know and love.

“She might struggle and fall and bruise, but she picks herself up and she keeps fighting for what she thinks is right.”

The film certainly leaves things open for a future installment in this new Tomb Raider universe, but Uthaug is coy about what’s next and said his head is too wrapped up in this movie to think about anything else.

I haven’t really started to think about that yet. We just finished this movie a week ago so we’ve just been focusing on this right now.”

The film also stars Hannah John-Kamen, Walton Goggins, Kristin Scott Thomas, Dominic West, Nick Frost, and Daniel Yu.

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