Tommy Lee Jones Cast In The Next Installment Of The Bourne Franchise

Variety is reporting that Tommy Lee Jones has been cast in Bourne 5. Not much is known about the casting because plot details are scarce, but Variety say’s their sources think he could follow in the footsteps of Edward Norton and Chris Cooper and play a superior officer at the C.I.A . 

I believe it would suit Jones best to play a superior at the C.I.A. and If they follow the books I think Jones would make a great Martin Lindros. The book following the Bourne Legacy is the Bourne Betrayal and it focuses on Jason Bourne trying to find his only friend and CI deputy Martin Lindros. This leads Bourne on a thrilling mission to stop a terrorist organization.

What do you guys think? Is Tommy Lee Jones a good fit for the Bourne franchise and should Greengrass and Damon adapt Eric Van Lustbader’s The Bourne Betrayal?

Bourne 5 hits theaters July 29, 2016

Source: Variety

(Nate Brail)

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