The Top 10 Episodes Of ‘Justice League’

10. The Enemy Below

Justice League-Aquaman

When Justice League was first announced, Aquaman was conspicuously absent from the roster. Timm and Co. knew they had to provide an answer quickly for why the Atlantian King wasn’t involved. The third episode of the series, “The Enemy Below,” explored Aquaman’s opposition to the surface world, and the politics of the Atlantian Dynasty.

The episode richly navigates Atlantis as a culture, revealing an ancient royal lineage less like modern democracies and more akin to the old monarchies of Great Britain and France. This included a deadly plot orchestrated by Aquaman’s brother Orm to kill Aquaman, his wife Mera, and their baby boy. The episode’s standout sequence is when Aquaman is trapped and unable to reach his boy as he’s about to be crushed to death. Aquaman severs his own hand in order to reach his baby on time, demonstrating his ferocity and making him a total badass.

The episode’s brother vs. brother storyline is not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s a classic storytelling model for a reason. Orm’s betrayal fuels the battle with incredible dramatic tension. More importantly, their conflict creates a wonderful character arc for Aquaman, and proves beyond a doubt why he can’t fit in with the Justice League. He’s loyal to a fault, but way too temperamental to work with a team. He does show up in a supporting role in later episodes, but none defined Aquaman as well and as completely as “The Enemy Below.”

Aaron Berke

Aaron Berke

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  • Michael

    My favorite episode is divided we fall

    Dwayne McDuffie may he Rest In Peace Is a beast he wrote the best episodes of that show and he wrote justice league heroes for ps2 the best DC game which still holds up to this day better than that mortal kompat rip off

    If he was still alive He should have wrote that movie to end his justice league run

    Justice league animated series

    Justice league animated films

    Justice league video game

  • Dan

    Justice League and Justice League unlimited are favorite TV shows, not just animated but ALL television shows. I believe that these shows demonstrated the power of animation and how it can really drive a plot . Bruce Timm and the crew ( particularly Andrea Romano as voice casting director) are geniuses. My favorite episodes are:
    “A Knight of Shadows”
    “Maid of Honor”
    “The Terror Beyond”
    “Secret Society”
    “Wild Cards”
    My friends always give me the side-eye when I mention JL and JLU are my favorite shows. Some say,”You mean the Super Friends?” and I give them a stern look and emphatically say, “No! JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!!” And then must explain to them, painstakingly, the goodness that is the DCAU.

    Zack Snyder (and now Josh Whedon) cannot mess this Justice League Movie up!

  • NYCgeekDad

    WOAH WOAH WOH!!! How can you not have Epilogue on this list?!? It has perhaps the saddest and deepest moments ever! When Batman and Ace sit and talk about her death

  • 39steps

    “First-ever female led super hero film” says a “writer” ignoring Supergirl (1984), Catwoman (2004) and Elektra (2005).