Top 10 Superhero Movie Performances Of 2016

Superhero Movie Performances

2016 was a huge year for superhero properties. With several movies to make comic fans happy there were also actors who portrayed certain iconic characters. They brought life to the characters that many have fallen in love with from reading the comics and many of them did it so well that they are the reasons why the films they are in work so well. As superhero films are getting better and more complex with bigger talent involved the acting in these films have completely stepped it up to a whole other level.  A level where critically acclaimed actors can step into the roles of a supehero and make that character as multifaceted as need be. With the year coming to a close it makes sense to look back at  2016 and give another look at the actors and actresses that did exceptional work within the sub-genre of superhero films.

So without further ado here are the Top 10 Superhero Movie Performances of 2016.


Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic is a writer, filmmaker, and comic lover from Los Angeles, CA. Heroic Hollywood is his introduction into the world of Journalism which...

  • Liquid Aurum

    hope that’s not in any order because Batfleck was great but at the end of the day, it’s Batman you don’t need heavy emotion or facial expressions to play him….

    • Cinephilia Lovegood

      You could not be any further from the truth. Sure, this particular characterization in BvS may not have delved into the emotion as much as the character should be, but to say the role itself requires no emotion or expression is just plain retarded. The character has probably the most emotional depth to work with of any mainstream hero. And have you ever tried to express anything through a cowl that covers everything but your chin? To the blind eye it seems straightforward that the costume does the work, but it’s Affleck conveying that rage and brutality to the audience. Plus, it’s the juxtaposition of the actor playing Bruce Wayne along with wearing the suit that makes Batman work. You’re playing two vastly different sides of the coin that have to be both similar enough so the audience can connect the dots between them, yet different enough that the story itself cannot connect them. It’s a really unique role that many actors would kill to play. That being said, I wouldn’t call Affleck’s performance the best…the character itself worked great in a very poorly-told, sloppy narrative, but Robert Downey Jr. gave the best performance and it really isn’t even close at all. Boseman was awesome and they made him an important part of the plot while also giving him a nice little subplot, but the story belonged to Cap and Iron Man. Downey went further and had a vastly transformative character arc to work with.

      • Liquid Aurum

        Fair enough, I disagree, but that’s fine. Can’t really compare my acting to a guy who acts for a living too.

  • JMMagwood

    Flame bait article.

  • I’m more of a DCEU fan than MCU, although I like both universes… but this is ultimately personal taste anyway…

    I thought Affleck, Robbie, and Gadot shone brightest in the DCEU–and for me overall, for that matter. Margot Robbie and Affleck in particular both respectively knocked it out of the park, imo. I guess I would say that too about Gadot although it was a relatively brief appearance.

    For the MCU I enjoyed Chadwick Bozman and Tilda Swinton the most.

    The other performances in CW, DS, BvS, and SS for me quite didn’t reach the same level.

    The next tier for me includes RDJ, Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Smith, Jeremy Irons, and Viola Davis.

  • Tempestade melhor X-men

    Sophie Turner ???