The Top 5 Fights Between Batman & Superman In The Comics

For decades fans have argued over again and again regarding who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman. Next week fans will see this fight on the big screen, and its likely to result in even more arguments between fans. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the first time these two iconic heroes meet in a live-action film, and sure enough it will also showcase their epic fight.

Now as mentioned before, this fight isn’t something new.  Aside from fan debates, DC’s very own comic book writers have also been pitting these two against each other since the 80’s. Each fight have shown very different sides to these heroes, and now we will rundown our favorite fights between these two iconic heroes.

Be forewarned, while almost all comic fans understand the obvious one-sided nature of these fights, the most interesting fights between these two characters are the ones where the underdog wins. Everyone loves an underdog, and Batman seemingly fits that role in these fights. This list is not about the obvious winner of an unbalanced fist fight, but about the quality of the fight and how the fights themselves caused the ongoing debate. If every fight was fair, Superman would always win and the argument would be over, but that’s not what fans deep down really want.

These are the top 5 fights that have kept that argument going for the last 30 years, and likely will keep it going for the next.

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Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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