The Top 6 Sorcerers In The DC Universe

6. Black Alice

Black Alice is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DCU but she doesn’t really care. Lori Zechlin is a teenage girl who lives at home with her father. Her mother developed an addiction to pharmaceuticals and eventually committed suicide out of her personal shame. On the same night Lori discovered her mother’s body, she also discovers that she has the ability to borrow or siphon off the magical abilities of others.

While that sounds cool, Lori doesn’t have the same level of control the host sorcerers do. In the miniseries Days of Vengeance, she absorbs the abilities of the Sentry, proving that her capacity for power is essentially unlimited. Not only are the abilities sometimes too much for her to handle, but they often impact her rational thinking. While she is a good person, if she is struggling with too much power her darkness and tendency to become overly violent bubbles to the surface. Whenever she steals someone’s abilities, her outfit morphs in order to better match her target’s appearance.

She’s an extremely relatable character. In many ways, Black Alice serves the same purpose that Spider-Man did when he was first introduced. After the death of her mother, Lori has to deal with a broken house and she slowly disconnects from her social groups. Her isolation and feelings of loneliness make her a more grounded character in a world of Gods. She may have the power to kill Superman, but what defines her is the pain that holds her back everyday. Instead of joining Shadowpact and dedicating her life to protecting Earth, she returns home with her head low as she continues to struggle with her depression.

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