The Top 30 DC TV Shows Of All Time, Live-Action And Animated

DC Comics has had an unparalleled impact on how people think about comic books and television. Yes, costumed good guys and intriguing villains have poured out for other content houses as well, but a lot of them owe much of their later success to the work pioneered by Time Warner and DC, who’ve been making iconic small screen adventures since the 1950s.

Weirdly enough, that first series, Adventures of Superman, doesn’t make it on this particular list, though it came close. Shuster and Siegel’s brainchild, a black-and-white serial sponsored by Kellogg’s (because again, it was the 50s) was certainly important and an essential watch for anyone interested in some historical entertainment that’s amusing enough for what it is.

But as time has marched on, the characters of DC have received a wide and diverse array of creative talent to bring their stories to life, both in live-action and animated format. Comparing Adventures of Superman with something slightly more recent like The Flash (1990) is obviously difficult and will be sure to disappoint someone, but there are clear comparisons to be made between the classics we grew up on and the more recent projects that are getting better as a result.

Criteria: The shows on this list had to be produced beyond pilot stage, so at least a full season. Though you’ll find that only a few shows on this list have one season or less for obvious reasons (don’t you dare complain about Birds of Prey not making this list).

With that, let’s begin with the least best…

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Jon Negroni

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