Top Five Movie Themed Slot Games

Jurassic ParkMovie blockbusters have been the inspiration for all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff; ranging from pyjamas and bed sheets to playstation games and online slots machines. In an ever increasing competitive retail and consumer environment, one cannot blame manufacturers and businesses that use whatever they can to gain that competitive edge. This philosophy is very much the case for the online gaming scene, especially when looking at online video slot games. Therefore, it is never surprising to see the latest slot machines employing the most popular and/or successful movies and tv shows. Here are the five most successful movie/tv themed slots games to have ever been created.

The Godfather is a 5 reel online video slots machine which is based on the cult classic and highly rated Mario Puzo’s novel; which then made onto the big screen in the form of The Godfather Trilogy, directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. This has become one of the most popular games for WMS.

The game comes with a choice of a progressive jackpot or a fixed prize pot worth 2500 coins. The game is filled with all the things that one loves about the films, like a horse head, machine guns and gold rings. The game has multiple bonus levels and loads of exciting features that one can’t refuse!

Terminator 2 based on the film, is a five reel slots game developed and released by Microgaming, a company which is has an outstanding reputation in the online gaming industry and supplies well established online casinos like Party Casino. This slots game is filed with unique bonus features, superb graphics and sound clips; which all comes together to create a great gaming experience. Anyone playing this game should look out for a huge amount of free spins, which has the potential to generate massive cash payouts.

The Dark Night Rises is another Microgaming creation which is unrivalled in terms of graphics, game play, bonuses and the clever way these guys have incorporated actual parts of the blockbuster movie. Players will be able to appreciate new Microgaming features like Heat Seeking Wilds, Extra Wild Blasts, Super Stacked Wilds and the Symbol Scramble, all of which has been seamlessly incorporated with the normal features like expanding wilds, rolling reels and stacked wilds. All of these bonus features makes this game a really popular choice for both slots enthusiasts and lovers of the batman.

Jurassic Park online video slots game obviously based on the prehistoric blockbuster movie series.  The game is set in a dark jungle, with the reels filled with all the different types of dinosaurs, weird creatures and all the main characters of the movie. Players will absolutely love this game which is filled with exciting bonuses; but the one that is really cool is the T-Rex Alert Bonus, where huge amounts of cash can be won.

Finally another exciting and action packed slots machine, which is exactly like the movie, is The Hitman slots game. This movie series has been a huge hit with movie goers around the world, and it has been no different when looking at the online video slots game. Fans of the movie will be totally amazed as to how perfectly essential aspects of the movie are effortlessly incorporated into the the game’s features and bonuses. An example of this is the Contract Bonus feature, where players need to execute one of the targets and get awarded a random prize, which can make the player one of the highest paid hitmen in the business!

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