Top 10 Sidekicks Featured In Marvel & DC Comics

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Superheroes are tough, but even the best of them need help sometimes. That’s where sidekicks come in. Sidekicks not only provide a helping hand to our favorite heroes as they feel overwhelmed, they serve as a great storytelling device to elicit more emotional range from our sometimes one-dimensional heroes.

Comics are chock full of great sidekicks, from Aqualad to Bob, but there can only be ten best sidekicks. Some just get in the way and don’t really help out all that much, I’m looking at you Bat-Mite. But for the most part, sidekicks push our favorite heroes to victory, and usually save their skins countless times in the heat of a battle.

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Darthmanwe

    Nightwing for no.1 for sure, but I’d say wally is 2nd, not bucky.

    What wally did both as a sidekick and then the legacy character as flash, and even his new story in rebirth, no one else has even come close.

    I think Wally is the only sidekick ever to replace the original in the minds of generations as the “character” itself. I mean, everyone and their mother thinks bruce wayne when you say batman, but there is an entire generation, maybe 2, that thinks wally west when you say Flash, not barry allen.

    I’m a hardcore barry fan myself, but I’d say Wally is about as the pinnacle of a sidekick that you could get, if it wasn’t for the existence of nightwing.

  • Max Irons

    How can Wally and Tim be behind Bucky?