‘Transformers’ Producer Reveals The Franchise’s Future Is Not Yet Set

Transformers producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has revealed that the future of the franchise is not as planned out as it may have seemed.

Earlier this year, director Michael Bay revealed that Paramount Pictures’ Transformers writers room had a total of fourteen stories in development. The studio is looking to expand the universe established by Bay in 2007 beginning with the Bumblebee spinoff. Plot details are still under wraps but Bay has confirmed that the film is a prequel which will focus solely on Bumblebee himself. Kubo and the Two Strings director and CEO of Laika Studios Travis Knight is set to direct the project from a script penned by Christina Hodson (Shut In). Hailee Steinfeld is in talks to star in the film but has yet to be confirmed.

The latest installment, Transformers: The Last Knight pulls back the curtain on the secret history of the robots in disguise as it lays the groundwork for future films to come but those projects are not set in stone yet. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Di Bonaventura was asked about the tease in the new film that (spoiler alert) not all of the Transformers secrets have been uncovered and whether or not those secrets have been plotted out to which he responded:

“No, not necessarily. We have some ideas but that may or may not play out in the next movie. We’re really waiting to see how the audience responds to this movie and what elements they really love because one of the things we found was – as filmmakers – that there was great freedom suddenly to break sort of the simplistic Decepticons vs. Autobots, and now, Arthurian legend, now Knights, and now humans have a role, and that was really exciting for us so I think we want to keep pushing out. So I don’t think you can anticipate necessarily that we’ll do a movie in sequence.”

While the future of Transformers remains a mystery beyond the Bumblebee spinoff, Di Bonaventura will return to produce the film with Bay and Steven Spielberg as well as Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis. As of this moment, the film does not yet have a release date but Paramount is targeting a release sometime during 2018. Bumblebee will dial the clock back to 1985 and could feature the classic form of Bee from the original animated series. The story of the spinoff has been likened to that of The Iron Giant.

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Transformers: The Last Knight is now playing.

Source: Screen Rant

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