Two New Promos Tease ‘Unfortunate Events’ To Come This Friday

A Series of Unfortunate Events
I can’t wait for Netflix to drop A Series of Unfortunate Events this Friday (I’ll be recapping the show!) and, thanks to two new promos, the wait is even harder. In the first, which aired during the Golden Globes last night, Neil Patrick Harris’ “greatest actor alive” Count Olaf upstages all the nominees with his “acting.” In the second, author Lemony Snicket himself (played to droll perfection by Patrick Warburton) lays out “the facts” of the case he chronicles, that of the resourceful Baudelaire orphans. Check out the two videos below from

The Netflix series is the second go at adapting Snicket’s (aka author Daniel Handler, who is heavily involved in the show) sprawling 13-book tale about the Baudelaire children Violet, Klus and infant Sunny, who are pursued by the villainous Count Olaf after their parents die in a mysterious fire. Jim Carrey played Olaf in the 2004 Brad Silberling-directed film while Harris assumes the role on the show.

The first season consists of the first four books, The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window, and The Miserable Mill (the film made a muddle of the first three). Each book is given two episodes, allowing them to breathe more fully. Harris previously stated the plan is to do three seasons of the show, meaning either the second or third will consist of five books instead of four. Or we could see some narrative smearing from book-to-screen a la Game of Thrones‘ approach, in later seasons, to its source material, the books A Song of Ice and Fire.

A Series of Unfortunate Events drops all eight episodes this Friday, January 13, at midnight PST. I can’t wait to recap them all with you! Each day will be dedicated to one of the books (aka two of the episodes). Let’s get melancholy (a word which here means the opposite of its definition)!

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