Tyler Bates Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Will Score ‘The Punisher’

Tyler Bates The PunisherTyler Bates has joined to score Marvel’s The Punisher, which will debut on Netflix later this year. The composer has also scored Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which is hitting theaters on May 5th. Tyler Bates has worked on numerous comic book adaptations and action films including Watchmen, 300, Guardians of the Galaxy, Atomic Blonde, John Wick, and Super.

The Punisher stars Jon Bernthal, Ben Barnes, Jason R. Moore, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Michael Nathanson, Jamie Ray Newman, Amber Rose Revah, Paul Schulze, Daniel Weber, and Deborah Ann Woll reprising her role as Karen Paige.

The Punisher will be debuting on Netflix later this year. Frank Castle first made his debut on the second season of Daredevil and a spin-off was immediately set with Bernthal continuing in the role. Right now, Iron Fist is streaming on Netflix as one of the four Marvel offerings and look for The Defenders to debut in August of this year as well.

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10 Lingering Questions Leading Up To ‘The Defenders’

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Netflix Marvel Defenders
With the release of the first season of Iron Fist, all four Defenders have made their streaming debut to set up this summer’s mashup miniseries The Defenders. Each season has built on the last, building an intricate mythology with a living, breathing New York City to house it. The Hand has been introduced as a sort of evil S.H.I.E.L.D. to link Marvel’s Netflix dramas, building to the four uniting against them. Their separate investigations will bring them together in – what else – a hallway fight.

The culmination of the first phase of the Marvel/Netflix partnership has a lot of ‘splaining to do. What’s the Hand’s true objective? How will our four heroes interact together and how will the supporting casts of their shows intersect here? And perhaps most importantly, who is the Big Bad played by Sigourney Weaver?

We’ll talk about all that and more in the article ahead. Click Next to start!

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