Your Ultimate Gaming Room Design

GamingWhether you’re into console gaming, table football, darts, or board games, nothing quite beats the feeling of having a dedicated room to retire whenever you feel like playing – a place that enables you to shut the door on the world, relax with a few friends, and enjoy the very simplest things in life.

Designing your gaming room

Regardless of the size of your house, the chances are there’s a room or empty space that isn’t being used to its full potential. Perhaps you have a boarded attic, a spare bedroom, or even a garden shed. The great news is that any of these spaces would be perfect for your ultimate gaming room.

Once you’ve chosen your gaming room, start to think about its layout, the way you want it to look, and the sorts of technology you’d like to install. Be realistic about the size of the room; a gaming room is somewhere to relax and unwind, so try not to clutter it completely. Choose the largest wall as your “hub”; this will provide the perfect backdrop for a flat screen television or projector screen for your gaming evenings or movie nights.

Storage is also an important factor. You’ll no doubt have amassed a fairly impressive collection of console games, board games, accessories, and electrical equipment, so consider an entertainment center, or, if you have a more restricted budget, install a clever shelving and cupboard system to keep your things safe and tidy.

Lighting is an essential consideration. Wooden shutters are the perfect window dressing for a gaming room as they will let in as little or as much light as you require, and they can be used to regulate the temperature in the room on a hot or cold day.

Finally, it’s time to start thinking about furnishing your room. Large comfy sofas or chairs, or even beanbags, will ensure you can relax in comfort, while a table and chairs, if space allows, are a great introduction for card evenings or board game tournaments. In terms of technology, think about the things you can’t live without, such as a television, a Hi-Fi or docking system to provide music, and the consoles you’re currently playing.

Your ultimate gaming room

Now it’s time for the fun stuff: decorating and accessorizing your games room. Are there bits and bobs that you’ve never put out on display for fear of ruining the décor or cluttering the rest of the house? Perhaps you’re an avid collector of sports cards or stickers, retro gaming posters, role-play figurines, or film and television memorabilia.

You may even decide to theme your games room to incorporate your passion – an American bar, sports pitch, pixelated world, or a sci-fi-inspired room would all work fantastically well, and can be as simplistic or intricate as your imagination and budget will allow. Consider the sort of wall art or hangings you would like, the displays you’re looking forward to creating, and your favorite colors.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to hang out with your friends, a space in which the whole family can get down to gaming, or a room to be your own private haven, make the most of your imagination; this is your ultimate gaming room.

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