Unconfirmed Reports Of Flying Man Attack: Sony Picks Up Sci-Fi Short

Sony Pictures today picked up the rights to a freaky sci-fi superhero short ‘Flying Man‘ directed by Marcus Alqueres, who has worked on such films as 300 and Source Code working within special effects and animation, so it is always great too see that knowledge being used to also tell their own story, and this short proves that Alqueres has a grand story to tell, similar to the style of Chronicle, the short film is a dark-take on a superhero vigilante story.

Following the story of a vigilante superhero enacting deathly justice on criminals, the short takes place through the eyes of a man about to commit a crime. Take a look for yourself.


Sony’s intent will be to make this small masterpiece into a feather length film with Alqueres directing and Scott Glassgold to produce, Glassgold is someone whom is known to find this shorts and fight for their feature length pick up. There will be a spec script coming from writer Chris Collins, who has worked as a writer on The Wire, Star Wars: Clone Wars and Sons of Anarchy.

The film created huge buzz back in 2013 when it was released with over 7 million views online.

There is no news on a date or when we will see anymore from ‘Flying Man’ but keep looking up to the skies and maybe you will catch a glimpse of ‘Flying Man’.

SOURCE: (Hollywood Reporter)

(Matt Byrne)

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