Understand Homework From Various Perspectives

Most students don’t like homework for various reasons. Contrary to the advice of many teachers and parents, several studies have found some negative facts about homework. Homework can cause abdominal pain, insomnia and appetite disorders, but they can also help you learn. They are not evil in themselves. You just have to know how to deal with the work. There is a research that shows that homework contributes to a higher level of stress in students, causes sleep problems, causes somatic problems like pains abdomen and headache or lack of appetite. Every parent knows that. Just like the fact that time spent on homework limits contacts with peers or the possibility of developing their children’s passions. Similarly, these studies show that bingeing over lessons two hours a day or more brings the opposite of the intended effect – the motivation decreases. However, there are some studies that indicate the positive impact of homework on the effectiveness of learning. So how is it?

The working memory

When learning at school, we mainly use the so-called working memory. It’s a handy notebook of the brain. The facts stored here are briefly and easily overwritten by subsequent ones. The trick is to transfer information from this handheld notebook to long-term memory stores. And not only this – you have to put them there so that you have access to them in different situations and in different contexts. You know the feeling when you remember on the exam that you were learning something, you can remember even all the circumstances of this science, but not the facts themselves? The feeling is something called the working memory.

The trouble

The trouble is that our memory easily “hangs” on the context. That’s why when we meet a friend who we only see at work, at a party with friends, we can often not remember his name. Actually, working on homework has functions related to strengthening memory against something; in this case what you have been taught in class. Human memory is like the sharp edge of a knife. If it is not sharpened regularly it will blunt with time.

Sometimes you need help from outside the class

Sometimes you can’t do your own homework because of time constraints, lack of understanding and other causes. Now is the age of the Internet and we can search for anything from the global computer networks, even for academic help. Academic assistance is mainly needed by students at higher levels such as those who study at university. A cheap assignment help is needed by some students when they are faced with a situation where they are required to complete homework which is quite difficult while they do not have enough time. There are many sources that can be used to find homework help and of course Google is a reliable search engine.

Benefits of doing homework regularly

Not only strengthens our memory of what has been taught, doing homework regularly can also strengthen discipline, especially for those who live far from parental supervision. As an individual, anyone can’t rely solely on the supervision of others. Everyone must be responsible for himself and one of the tools to train responsibility is to do homework regularly.

Of course everything has a positive side and a negative side but homework has more benefits than the negative effects it carries. The negative effects caused by homework can be minimized by applying a daily schedule responsibly. Hopefully this short article can give you a new awareness to view homework as an effective means to improve your academic abilities and your personality.

Heroic Staff

Heroic Staff

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