Understanding The Essay As A Whole

An essay is based on a concrete thought, experience or sense of writing and a personal reflection on a subject. The essay is a very wide genre and can be difficult to distinguish from other genres. Characteristic of the essay is the personal approach and representation that makes the reading experience an intimate situation between the author and the reader. When analyzing an essay, one should keep the characteristics of the genre in mind. Knowing the essay genre criteria has a guideline to read and can decode the different elements of the text. Understanding this genre is so important in education world.

What is an essay?

An essay is a shorter text, where the author basically reflects on a larger or smaller theme. It may be the birds in the garden, the war in the Balkans or the way society is screwed together. The text is not bound by argumentation as another case process and should not convince the reader of anything but rather encourage the reader to reflect on the topic the essay deals with. Access to the given subject is open and questionable, and the essay does not necessarily answer the questions it asks. The essay is an attempt to gain recognition of a particular subject through reflection. In other words, it is an intimate genre that invites the reader inside.

The essay is close to other genres and is somewhere between fiction and saga. From the fiction, the essay has a more free and personal language usage, and from the saga the essay has the treatment of a specific subject. Near the essay you will find clumsy, chronicle, diary, autobiography, literary article and reportage. Compared with the chronicle as a genre, the chronicle is more relevant and has a more societal purpose than the essay.

What is the essay’s story?

Historically, the essay originated from the 16th century, where the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne in the period 1580-88 published “Essais de Michel de Montaigne”. These four bind essays are considered as the original expression of the genre. In essence, the essay was an expression of Renaissance humanism and an idea of allowing the individual to understand and explore the world.

What general genre features the essay?

· Spoken freedom. The language can be a mixture of sensibly-descriptive and abstract-reflective. There is a broad framework for language use that can be poetic, cheerful, ironic or something else. Most often, language usage is very personal.

· A formal triple. The essay begins with a concrete sensation or experience. Next comes a shorter or longer reflection on this specific event. Finally an end that is open, asking and wondering.

Contextual freedom. The subject can be invoked by a thought or an experience with the writer. The substance can be quite concrete and everyday or more abstract and artistic, political, social or other.

· Subjectivity. The writer writes from his own personal opinions and experiences. It is not a scientific, neutral text. The text is not necessarily bound by rules and regular text structure. It can be associative, running in time, space and causality, and bear the writer’s wisdom along the way – reflection takes place in writing.

What subgenres are there for the essay?

The essay is a very wide genre, so to easily classify the essay, you can try to divide the genre into subgenres; literary scientific, societal, autobiographical, experience-driven and argumentative one. You just need to choose the most suitable one.

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