‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Beats ‘Luke Cage’ In Weekend…

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A Series of Unfortunate Events, Netflix’s recent adaptation of the popular children’s books by Lemony Snicket, bested the network’s Marvel offering Luke Cage for opening weekend ratings on the streaming service, according to Symphony Advanced Media (via The Wrap).

During opening weekend (aka Live + 3 days), Unfortunate Events netted 3.8 million adults in the 18-49 demo over an average minute whereas the first season of Luke Cage got 3.4 million viewers in the demo. The show ranks fourth in overall debut ratings since the company began collating data a little over a year ago.

It sits behind Fuller House season 1, Orange Is The New Black season 4, and the Gilmore Girls revival. Daredevil season 2 is sixth at 3.2 million viewers, followed by Fuller House season 2, Stranger Things, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2, and House of Cards season 4. Those show got 7.3 million, 5.8 million, 4.9 million viewers over the average minute. It’s worth noting that earlier seasons of other Netflix originals like Orange would rank higher if the data were available.

According to The Wrap, Symphony AM is a company based out of Silicon Valley that takes panelists and uses their phone mic and audio recognition technology to identify what is being watched. The report cautions these are preliminary numbers subject to possible changes up or down. It is crazy to be talking about opening weekend ratings instead of opening weekend box office but that is the world created by binge-worthy streaming. Unfortunate Events was the first blockbuster release of 2017, as far as I’m concerned, and it looks like these numbers bear that out.

All eight episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events‘ first season are streaming now on Netflix. A second season is already in development, consisting of 10 episodes, with a third planned to conclude the show. Check out all our reviews of the first season below as well as a featurette on the first season here.

Source: The Wrap

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