‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ 1.7 & 1.8 Reviews: ‘The Miserable Mill’

Miserable Mill
Hypnotism, cross-dressing, and gum for lunch. That’s just a taste of what A Series of Unfortunate Events‘ first season finale “The Miserable Mill – Part One & Part Two” has to offer. Featuring the first material not yet adapted for the screen (the 2004 film made a jumble of the first three books), it is the strongest two-parter since the premiere “The Bad Beginning – Part One & Part Two” (my review here) and the first not to feature a script by author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket, played in the series with wry melancholy by Patrick Warburton).

The episodes take the Baudelaire orphans to Paltryville, where they attempt to clear their parents’ names of arson while working at the cult-like Lucky Smells Lumber Mill. The finale tripled up with the guest stars, with Don Johnson playing the cigar-chomping mill owner Sir, Rhys Darby as his meek partner Charles, and Catherine O’Hara as the sinister optometrist Dr. Georgina Orwell. O’Hara played Justice Strauss in the original film (a role played with aplomb in “The Bad Beginning” by Joan Cusack).

This review is separated into “Part One” and “Part Two” as well as my final verdict on the first season. Click Next to begin! Check out all the previous reviews at the links below and thanks for suffering through this calamity, a word which here means “epic binge-worthy event,” with me!


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