Updated Box Office Tracking For ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

Batman v Superman BO

Updated tracking numbers and analysis for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice for the week of 03/10/16 is discussed in the video embed below. Enjoy!

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez has been covering the fanboy beat & breaking scoops for 14 years with numerous Hollywood trade, newspaper, & magazine mentions to his credit.

  • LSB

    Thanks my dude. Good info.

  • Henry Mayer

    I couldn’t get the video to work. What numbers does he give?

    • Memorian

      It’s mostly about percentages going up in demographics particularly in Women and older Males. Nothing with Box-Office predictions.

      • QTN

        That’s something that’s better than nothing.

        • Peter James

          Nothing’s better than nothing.

          Nothing is just……….nothing.

      • HG2012

        he flat out says 175-185

        • Memorian

          That’s just his personal predictions that’s not info in the tracking report he received.

    • H.I McDunnough

      The one number that stuck out to me was 25…..apparently anyone over 25 is considered as “older”. Damn. I figured I had like 15-20 more years left before I went into the older demographic.

      • Joseph Chaisson

        I think it implies that when you’re 18-25 you’re more likely to go to the movies since you have “less”responsibility and those over probably has more. At least thats how I take it.

  • ArtimusGG

    So excited!!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Veronica Gallego


  • meowmel

    So pumped for this movie

  • Manoj Varughese

    Regardless of all those trolls, BvS OW is already expected to be huge….200M opening is the new norm for anticipated superhero sequels if reviews are great. Put Batman and Superman in it as the iconic DC characters.

  • World’s Finest Comments

    Rotten Tomatoes score will really impact this movie’s box office more than most this year. I’m expecting high 60’s/ low 70’s with a $170 mil opening weekend.

    • Johnny Risko

      I have stopped believing in RT scores. Too many blogger / reviewers with an axe to grind are accepted into their aggregate. Overall, the data is useful, but increasingly easy to game.
      I miss Siskel and Ebert.

    • Yep, well said

  • Carl

    What if the reviews are mixed or worse? I imagine it stays with the $100 – $140 million estimate.

    Also, Umberto, can you explain first choice?

    • Joseph Chaisson

      Mixed reviews tend to predict how long the movie stays on top or lasts in the theater. If the reviews are between 30% -59% it will probably be in top 10 for a month then move to cheaper theaters. 60%-89%. It will probably be #1 for 3 weeks and still in main theaters when Civil War comes out.

      • Carl

        They also generate weaker opening weekends due to poor word of mouth from Thursday/Friday to Saturday/Sunday.

        • Joseph Chaisson

          I still think this is going to be around 200 mill opening weekend.

          • Carl

            I’m not convinced yet. Umberto is biased and only looking at best case scenarios. I don’t see it doing exceptionally well outside its key demographic.

          • Joseph Chaisson

            Umberto loves CBM. He will have overly optimistic numbers for all of them. I just think people will want to see what BvS is like. Right now, the ad campaign is not my style and makes it look lackluster, same with SS, so I will catch when I have the time and don;t have to pay for it.

          • Carl

            I’m going to see it but it might not be on opening weekend.

          • Ragnar

            You are a disgrace to the comic book fanbase

          • Joseph Chaisson

            Sorry I came in second to you.

    • Space Voldemort

      Carl should stay in the house but we know he won’t. What a little TROLL.

      • Carl

        I didn’t know the truth about a movie you didn’t work on yourself and a movie that your don’t know will be good, would hurt you so much. Also trolls live under bridges, you didn’t even get that right. lol

        • Space Voldemort

          The only truth I know is that you are a troll. They also live in caves which is exactly like the room your parents let you live in.

          • Carl

            Ah so you admit you don’t know anything. I’ve lived in 4 different apartments and 2 other houses since my parent’s basement. lol

          • Space Voldemort

            Now I know two more things. One, My last comment must have irked the troll cause now he is trying to measure dicks, and two, BvS is going to dominate next weekend.

          • Carl

            Ha ha ha, I didn’t know refuting BS was measuring anything. Looks like you only know 1 thing, BvS will dominate the weekend but that is obvious because it has My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 as competition. lol

            Don’t bother responding again either because I’m done with your trolling. You have nothing interesting to say. 😉

          • Space Voldemort

            All of your replies have been negative and your prediction of 100 to 140 is aggressively low. Obviously looking to spark a reaction from people here on the forum. Hence my initial claim that you were a troll, because that’s what trolls do. Trolls also like to reverse roles by calling an accuser a troll but you took it a step further and ran away like a coward. Great job fan boy.

  • Space Voldemort

    The last two Batman movies both made a billion by themselves. Man Of Steel broke 168 million on its opening weekend and had mixed reviews. This movie adds Batman and Wonder Women to the universe. I don’t think anything like 180 to 200 million opening is out of the question. Plus tickets sales are great.

  • batghost

    I could really care less if this movie makes $4million in one weekend if it’s not any good. Since when do box office numbers get people excited?

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  • Veronica Gallego

    oops wait this guy is awful