Vin Diesel Campaigns For Rob Cohen To Direct ‘Fast 8’

Yesterday, Vin Diesel posted the following picture on his instagram account:

Diesel then also posted the following picture on his facebook page which at press time has accumulated over 2 million likes.

So what gives? According to my sources, the star/producer/saga visionary is campaigning on his social media for Rob Cohen to hopefully get the director job on the upcoming Fast 8. Rob Cohen directed the first film in the series The Fast and the Furious back in 2001 to a global box office haul of $207 million on a budget of just $38 million. It was Cohen who saw Diesel in Pitch Black back in 2000 and convinced the actor to jump on board before a script was even ready.

One of my sources tells me:

“What better way to end the last Fast trilogy than with the director who jump started it.”

Pay close attention to what Diesel said in his instagram post:

“The man that introduced me to my producing partner Neal and who cast Jordana as my eternal sister… The one who allowed for such a powerful and blessed love with Michelle… And like a father, had created the brotherhood that would define a millennium.
Rob Cohen… I hear you Pablo…”

Diesel is seeking familiarity after losing co-star Paul Walker to tragedy in 2013 and the loss this year of former Co-President of Production Jeffrey Kirschenbaum, who was the executive in charge of the series. Kirsch left Universal last month to rejoin his old producing partner Joe Roth.

Here is some cool inside baseball. It was Kirsch who showed up unannounced to Vin Diesel’s house back in 2006 and hammered out a deal over five hours for Diesel to make his cameo in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and return to the series. Kirsch offered Diesel $5 million for the cameo and Diesel countered and got $1 million instead and the rights to the Riddick character.

Universal Chairman Donna Langley and President of Production Peter Cramer now oversee the series. Although Diesel is campaigning for Cohen, ultimately it is not his call. As Kim Masters over at the Hollywood Reporter reported last week:

“Sources say Diesel must be consulted on director choices but does not have veto power over studio picks. ”

I’m being told the studio is doing their due diligence and trying to find the next Justin Lin and James Wan. Studios chase heat. However, Cohen is a solid choice who has experience with studio big budget fare.

Cohen is attached to direct the Road House remake with Ronda Rousey. Here is something interesting, earlier this month when Ronda was announced, Rob Cohen’s name was mysteriously omitted. Is he still attached? I can’t imagine Cohen wouldn’t drop Road House for Fast 8 in a heartbeat.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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