Viola Davis Talks ‘Suicide Squad’ On Jimmy Kimmel

In yesterday’s big scoop we reported that Amanda Waller would have a big part in terms of the grand scale of the DC Cinematic Universe, but on Tuesday night she talked with Jimmy Kimmel a little about her role as Amanda Waller in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

Jimmy Kimmel explained that he was a self proclaimed Marvel fan but doesn’t know too much about the DC characters and when he directly questioned her about Amanda Waller she said that

[Amanda] is a badass

When Kimmel came back and asked about how Superman would react she also said that,

Superman would quake in his tights.

While filming she also mentioned that she had gotten some wounds and showing her pinkie finger she explained that a

huge flap of skin was hanging off.

She did not reveal how she got those scars playing it safe as not to reveal anything  about the film, but we can assume that Waller will have some sort of action in the film.

Suicide Squad will be released on August 5, 2016

(Christian Michael Stoic)

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