Vixen Will Be Back For ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 3

Legends Of Tomorrow VixenLast month during The CW Upfront, new descriptions for upcoming seasons were released from the network, including Legends of Tomorrow. While pretty much all the main characters were referenced in the new logline, one character was left out and that was Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ Amaya Jiwe a.k.a. Vixen.

Amaya joined the Waverider in the second season after the JSA leader Hourman (Patrick J. Adams) was murdered by the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher). In Entertainment Weekly’s latest edition of Spoiler Room, a fan asked the EW reporter Natalie Abrams if Vixen would be back for Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3. Despite not being mentioned in the description, EW confirmed that Richardson-Sellers will be back as a full time cast member for the third season.

The show recently announced that Tala Ashe (Smash) had been added to the cast as the DC Comics character Zari Adrianna Tomaz. In the comics, she is better known as the superhero Isis. This version of Adrianna is a Muslim-American woman who comes from 2030 and is described as a “gray hat hacktivist” who will join the team in the new season.

Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on Tuesday, October 10 at 9/8c on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

7 Essential Nightwing Stories For New Fans

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NightwingNightwing is easily one of the most iconic superheroes in the DC Universe (maybe even just in general) and he’s finally gearing up to hit the big screen. Dick Grayson is one of DC’s oldest characters, and as a result he has gone through major changes. The character started as the first ever Robin and has since developed his own heroic mantle as well as temporarily becoming Batman when Bruce isn’t available. He’s one of the few characters in comics audiences have seen grown up and change over time and that has led to a devoted fan-base who wants to protect the character.

He’s such a fan-favorite that his planned death in the 2005 event Infinite Crisis was scrapped out of fear of angry reactions. Nightwing might have the same skills as Batman, but his optimism and social abilities make him a positive character that other superheroes come to in times of crisis. So if you don’t know too much about the friendliest guy in the DC Universe, just pick up one of these books and dive in!

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