‘Walking Dead’ EP Talks The Continuing Threat Of Negan During Season 7

The following articles does contain spoilers for The Walking Dead midseason finale. 

Following the midseason finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd spoke with Deadline and discussed Negan’s involvement in the second half of season seven. The midseason finale left fans with questions and wondering what the fate of our favorite Dead characters would be.

“There’s no question that I think with Michonne’s pep talk and with Daryl back, Rick is finding his mojo again. I don’t think they’re going to be willing servants of Negan’s anymore.

It really is more about how it affects the remaining group. With Spencer that’s a horrific death but everyone knew that he was pretty untrustworthy. That he was plotting against Rick. He was vocal in that with Father Gabriel. So he’s not someone that was probably going to motivate anyone to do anything because his death seemed almost deserved, whereas Olivia was completely blameless, completely innocent. In Negan’s world he just says kill somebody and you never know whose number is going to come up. That’s not a world that the rest of our Survivors are going to want to continue to live in.”

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This has been a very unique and different season for The Walking Dead. It has been on a roller coaster when it comes to ratings. The highly anticipated premiere episode featuring Negan and the death of two fan favorite characters was watched by over 20 million viewers. Following that episode, ratings have continued to fall, expect for this week, which finally saw an increase.

The Walking Dead will return to Sunday’s at 9:00 pm ET on AMC. Talking Dead follows immediately after.

Source: Comicbook.com via Deadline

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