‘The Walking Dead’ “Hostiles And Calamities” Recap: Heroic…

Last week on The Walking Dead, Rick and company met a few “new best friends.” After proving himself in the most badass way (fighting an “iron maiden zombie), he worked out an alliance with the “garbage people.” Meanwhile, Daryl and Carol finally reunited. However, Daryl lied about the deaths of Abraham and Glen, to protect Carol from her own murderous self. Ezekiel still tried to toe the line as he wants The Kingdom not to go to war with The Saviors, but it’s only a matter of time before he must join Rick against Negan.

This week focuses on The Saviors as we return once again to The Sanctuary and the fallout of Daryl’s escape. Eugene is also brought to The Sanctuary at the same time. Unlike Daryl, he already has more of an importance with The Saviors since he can make bullets. Eugene gets the royal treatment while Dwight has to deal with the fallout for letting Daryl escape under his nose.

Dwight must make things right and find both Daryl and his wife Sherry (who is also missing), so he’s off to find the both of them. Dwight goes to him home where he finds a goodbye letter from his wife confirming that she let Daryl escape, but he’s also the evil person he is on her account.

Eugene is also getting oriented to life in The Sanctuary as Negan has to use for him, thanks to his ability to create bullets. He even has his own handler. After showing his intellectual prowess, he earns cool points with Negan, but he still can’t have sex with any of Negan’s wives, but he does show them how good he is with everyday chemicals. A few of Negan’s wives take a liking to Eugene afterward and offer him a terrible option.

Dwight once again, showed his evil side by telling what happened to his wife to Negan, which had disastrous consequences for another member of The Saviors which Eugene got a front row seat to see. After that, Eugene answers the question as to who he is.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode. Click next to continue…


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