‘The Walking Dead’ Has Lowest Ratings For Any Finale Since 2012

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead‘s Season 7 finale seems to have hit a snag with the ratings, as the finale had the fifth-lowest ratings in the show’s run, just behind Season 3’s finale.

The latest numbers are in for the zombie television epic, and there’s some cause for concern for deadheads. Season 6’s widely-disliked cliffhanger of Negan killing someone offscreen has been cited as a potential “jump the shark” moment for fans of the series (not so much the act as the decision to make viewers wait for the pay-off). This might explain why viewership for the show has been stagnant after the Season 7 premiere (which resolved the cliffhanger of who Negan’s kill was) nearly had the second-highest ratings in the history of the series.

Even though fans seem to be split over the show, the finale aired on a pretty big night for television anyway. The Walking Dead‘s competition included the return of WrestleMania, the ACM Awards, the second-to-last episode of Homeland‘s current season, the season finale of Big Little Lies, and the series finale of Black Sails. There’s also the matter of the adjusted results that come from Live + 3, which have yet to be factored in with the current viewership total.

But in spite of the viewership decline, the show continues to be one of AMC’s most watched programs, as over ten million people still tuned in to watch each episode – and even though Season 3’s finale had more viewers, Season 7 had a greater average ratings than Season 3 did. More importantly, the average ratings on the show continue to be higher than fellow hits like The Big Bang Theory, Empire, and This Is UsThe people running AMC continue to remain confident in the show’s longevity due to this high level of viewership, but there’s no doubt that they’ll need to figure something out in order to address this growing problem.

The Walking Dead will return with Season 8 in October 2017.

Source: Deadline

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  • Ruben C Barron

    Maybe you don’t spend 5 episodes telling 5 single stories that in past seasons you would have touched and completed in a single episode. Stop slowing things down because amc gave you more episodes and now you have to fill them up with super long tracking shots and individually focused episodes that give us no backstory of consequence for characters you’ve made us hate.