‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: S7E3 “The Cell”

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After last week’s pleasant episode, it’s back to the hellhole that is the zombie apocalypse.

This week on The Walking Dead, we get to see a little bit of life there in contrast to how other communities function. We also spend time with Daryl as he is adjusting to life at The Saviors compound, if you can call it that. He spends the episode being their prisoner, and his warden in Dwight.

We also get the idea that life isn’t so peachy under Negan’s rule as well. Dwight, is fully indoctrinated, but he still has issues as a blast from the past also shows up at the compound and we learn the extent of Negan’s hospitality.

Daryl tries to make an escape out of the compound, and despite Sherry’s warning that it’s safer to be his prisoner, he braves ahead and tries to escape. Negan and his cronies capture him and we have yet another “pissing in our pants” moment. This time Negan fully explains to him that “Negan is everywhere” and Daryl has a choice as to how he will live his life with The Saviors.

Dwight has his own side mission retrieving a member of The Saviors who is having second thoughts about living with them. After he retrieves the deserter and having a long conversation, it looks like Dwight might also be having some second thoughts as well. His relationship with his (now ex) wife Sherry is also revealed to have changed after they joined The Saviors.

Negan takes a liking to Daryl and offers him a place with The Saviors, but Daryl holds fast, a choice Dwight and Negan think is the wrong one. So something tells me that Daryl’s days ahead will be tumultuous.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode.

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  • Marquis de Sade

    I gotta admit that Negan has his WILLIE LYNCH routine down pat…everybody’s his indentured bytttch.