‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: S7E5 “Go Getters”

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This week on Walking Dead, we return back to the Hilltop.

Maggie finally wakes up at the Hilltop. Good for her, the baby is OK. Bad for her, Glen is still dead. Sasha stands by her side as the two now have a sisterhood of having their loved ones’ head bashed in by Negan. Unfortunately for them, Gregory is still a coward and wants them gone out of fear of Negan. Lucky for the two of them, they have their own personal savior, Jesus in their corner.

Meanwhile, Rick is still under Negan’s boot and has to go out scavenging for supplies for him. Carl is not hip to the program and is almost rebellious towards his father’s meekness to Negan’s rule. He and Michonne have a small chat about wanting to resist Negan’s rule and Michonne is not sure how to proceed.

Even though Carl told Enid that he was done protecting her, he still saves her as the teenage romance continues in the zombie apocalypse. The two head to Hilltop to check in on Maggie. They even find a couple pairs of skates and roll down the road holding hands. However it turns out that Carl wasn’t really going after her, he was going after The Saviors who were heading to the Hilltop. Carl leaves Enid with a kiss as he enacts his revenge.

At the Hilltop, Negan shows the group the downside to siding with Alexandria and unleashes a horde of zombies on the community. Thanks to the all-around badassery of Maggie, Sasha, and Jesus, the crisis is averted. Gregory is still not convinced that they can stay despite their heroics. His fear of Negan is too great. It doesn’t help that the next morning Simon arrives with a group of Saviors needing “to talk.” Simon is now the Hilltop’s “Negan.”

In the aftermath of the Saviors, Jesus finally steps up the Gregory and confirms that Maggie and Sasha can stay as they will lead the Hilltop with Jesus and they stake their leadership of the Hilltop with a nice punch to Gregory’s face. Sasha and Jesus devise a plan on finding out where Negan lives as Maggie is reunited with Enid.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode.

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