‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: S7E7 “Sing Me A Song”

This week on The Walking Dead, we visit The Sanctuary and learn more about The Saviors as Negan gives a tour.

Last week we caught up with Heath and Tara and discovered a new community, but Oceanside will remain a mystery to everyone but Tara for the time being. Tara eventually came home to discover the hell that Negan and The Saviors unleashed. A few weeks ago we saw Jesus and Carl catch a ride in one of The Saviors trucks, so it probably isn’t going to be pretty.

Jesus and Carl are still in the back of the supply truck with the two most clueless saviors waiting to get back to The Sanctuary. Jesus continues to be a badass ninja as he leaves a trail of breadcrumbs in the form of syrup. Jesus bails out of the truck so that he doesn’t get caught. However, Carl is not so eager to hide as he has an explosive surprise for them. After taking a few by surprise, he is captured and now a guest of The Sanctuary.

Negan is in awe with Carl as Carl is truly fearless. He decided to take Carl in as his guest as he shows him how he runs his kingdom. Giving Carl a beer, he shows off how everything works. Negan demands fear, loyalty, and he even shows off Carl his “wife stable.” Turns out not all of his wives are completely down with their situation. Negan has a talk with Sherry discussing Mark and Amber as they broke his rules, and there are penalties.

As Negan continues with Carl, he not only threatens him, but toys with him over his missing eye. It’s rather heartbreaking, but it’s Carl penance for his sneak attack. Turns out Negan has a soft spot for Carl as he rolls back his ridicule of him. When Negan grabs Lucille, it’s a whole different ball game as Carl has to sing him a song under threat of Lucille. Once again it’s heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, at Alexandria, Spencer is sowing discontent against Rick by talking to both Rosita and Father Gabriel. He wants to work by Negan’s rules and “pay taxes.” Gabriel stands tall and Rosita is still on a quest of vengeance. Rick and Aaron go on a scouting trip in uncharted territory and might come across some weapons.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode.

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